Image Manipulation & Post Production

Using image manipulation and post-production techniques, we learned how to influence the communicative impact of an image.

Magazine Production

For this project, we explored the basics of photo retouching, as well as creating a series of photos that tell/translate a story.

Movie Poster Composite

Descendant of Asteria is about a girl who catches a falling star during a meteor shower. Through a thrilling adventure to save her friend from Erebus (Greek myth personification of darkness), she discovers she is from an ancient line, a descendant of the goddess Asteria. Asteria is the Greek [Titan] goddess of falling stars and nighttime divination (predicting the future through dreams or stars).

**This is an imaginary movie**

Model: Emma Skogstad,

Background Image: Photo by Ruth Gledhill on

"Star" (Camera Flare):

Illustrative Album

Dear Wormwood, The Oh Hellos

The main concept for the cover was based on one of the songs on the album: Soldier, Poet, King.

Background Image:

Coffee Stains: starline on

Floating Still Life

Heavenly Roast; Time to rise and shine

Coffee is the start of our days. It lifts us onto our thinking

brains and prepares us to tackle the upcoming day’s

tasks. It can make us feel like we are flying; What if we

made that visual?