"This Accident of Being Lost" Poster Series

Leanne Betasamosake Simpson is an Indigenous writer, musician and academic. She captures the voices of the Indigenous community and the important issues that they express. These posters are a visual representation of those voices. All three posters interact with their backgrounds, to communicate the value of the story to empower change and yet ensure a calming emotion for the viewer. The quote is taken from the novel, “I am powerful and beautiful and sacred” was chosen for this poster series for its power and meaning. The context of a forest is powerful and was chosen to reflect its call to all of us to care for and protect its natural beauty and sacredness. The quote “i’ll sing to you, until you sing back” was taken from the poem constellation. This quote carries the power of the Indigenous story in song and the theme of the power of waiting, being heard and the response of understanding. The image for this poster was chosen to represent that one voice has the power to be heard throughout the world and beyond. Mountains symbolize a higher perspective, power, constancy, eternity, firmness and stillness. The colour palette conjures up the feeling of calm before a storm. In addition, the type is partly ‘hiding’ behind the image to reveal the anticipation of rebellion. 

Album Cover

The album design was inspired by a famous designer, just as the composer was inspired by Benny Goodman’s Sing, Sing Sing and many other famous jazz greats. The cover was inspired by the Beethoven poster by Josef Mueller Brockman. The poster he designed really captures the movement of classical music, this design was created to have a similar style, but creating both a jazzy and classical feeling. Choosing a circular shape shows the relationship between the orchestra/band and the audience. The title of the album also inspired the design, and to capture the colours and movement of dreams. The album cover also captures nostalgia for a seasoned listener but brings a modern twist and excitement for a younger audience as well. Since the main inspiration was the Beethoven poster, by Josef Mueller Brockman, the final album cover design jazzed it up a bit and clashed the shapes just like jazz music challenges the stereotypes of music as a whole. There are many versions of colour combinations that were tried before the final one was chosen. Some were more playful and some more neutral. The blue and orange tones remind the viewer of a dream and yet they capture a strong pulsing vibe often felt when listening to the music. 

Dust Jacket Design

The book chosen for this project is The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. This book has a variety of dust jacket covers that have been done, all of which are mostly older and hand illustrated. The main inspiration for this dust jacket, was the character, Mr. Tumnus’ scarf. The red scarf flows throughout the spread to help the reader follow the information and have a little journey themselves. The icy texture in the background is to bring in another element from the story and add more interest to the design itself. This design is more modern and fresh, so it would catch the eye of a reader and have them wonder, what’s this book about?

The inside of the book is simple, like the dust jacket. It carries some of the typefaces from the front to the inside, unifying it all. The size of the text is on the larger size because this is a children’s book, so it needs to be easy to read. At the front, there is a map to help the children visualize what the world of Narnia would look like and to also help encourage their imaginations.